Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Judicial Officer

We have had so much work lately, as I’ve said so before, so again today I wanted to stay in the computer lab after class. But, lucky me, I had to go meet with the Judicial Officer. We ordered a pizza, it was delivered at around 5:30, my meeting with the judicial officer was at 6pm, about a mile away in North Campus. I had a slice, grabbed another one to go and power walked! I left the Statler at around 5:40pm and I was outside of North Campus by 5:50pm. I don’t even know how that worked out. Anyways, it wasn’t a big deal, at all, in fact it’s almost hard for me to find a real reason as to why we really had to meet with him. But rules are rules and while I don’t make them, I have to follow them. Dyana, Beilu, and I received a verbal warning, which isn’t really any different from a written warning because they write down the verbal warning anyways. After that brief meeting, Beilu walked back to the Statler with me for office hours.

I finished my template pretty early into office hours, and then I worked on Excel for the rest of the night. I have all my CHESS Hotel data on it, it’s all set and ready to go for tomorrow. That was my main priority, to get that done so that I could use if for our excel lesson tomorrow. I really love how useful all of these things are. I feel like, there’s so many things I could do now, I really feel like I can go back home and apply for a job and at office and be perfectly qualified! I’m probably a little in over my head right now, but I like to keep a positive mentality and I might just be a little excited.

Aside from that, today was hot, and humid, again! But, I like it better than being cold! I hate being cold. Tonight I’m calling an early bed time, I’ll have time after class to do my report, then office hours to finish it. It will all work out just fine.

I think it’s going to rain this weekend. I hope our activities won’t have to be switched around because of that.

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