Monday, July 12, 2010

Lecture, Lecture, Lecture

That’s pretty much all we did today, we never spilt up into groups and went into the lab. It was especially tough for me because lecture is the longest part of the day for me. Good news is we had an admissions officer visit class today, and she was there for a pretty long time. I was one of the last kids that stayed because, in the past couple of days here, I’ve actually become really interested in the Hotel School here. It’s a difficult choice, but while Cornell really wasn’t on my list before, I’m really considering applying now and if I get in, I don’t know. The transition would be really difficult, but it’s an option.

The clocks winding down fast and we have got a lot of work ahead of us. Tonight I’m going to calculate the variable expenses for our new expense sheet. We all feel like we really cannot scramble to finish this group CHESS report last minute. We’re going to do as much as we can, as early as we can.

I finally took a nap today! It’s been so long! Last week we just didn’t even come back to the dorms after class, today I actually got to come back and sleep. My friend Chris Gileta came to wake me up and we ate dinner with Kelsey and other friends. They make my days all the better. They make me smile when I’m sad, happy when I’m angry, and relax when I’m frustrated.

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  1. Hi Jacky,

    I miss you HMHS kids! Good for you about the hotel experience. Keep me psted. See you in August.