Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The count down begins

I got about two hours more of sleep last night than most; I received seven whole hours of sleep. I still didn’t want to wake up, but I knew I had to get up to get dressed, for breakfast, and arrive on time to class. I know I know I have to just endure sleep deprivation for a few more days, so I will continue to press no matter what. At breakfast they served ham and cheese omelets, which to my surprise wasn’t bad, in fact at times I enjoyed it. So I guess I kicked off my day to a good start.
Class was very interesting in discussing Karl Marx, and his socialist/communist beliefs. We were joined today in our lecture by our graceful chaperone Mrs. Kaplan. We all enjoyed the lecture, and by the looks of it so did Mrs. Kaplan, we were all listening intriguingly taking extensive, detailed notes, in order to capture the main points of the lecture.
After lecture we went to our T.A. sections in which we discussed the alienation of the worker to his product, other people, and nature. These discussion sections are all very interesting. From there we headed to lunch, and it’s always a nice break to eat somewhere other than Appel. We headed back to lecture hall to hear from Richard Stumbar, a lawyer discussing gay rights. A heated discussion ensued, and it continued even after the speaker was gone. There were high emotions flying everywhere, but it stayed civilized, so that was good to see.
After the lecture we went to the Cornell store to buy clothes, hats, and other apparel, for our Family members, and some things for ourselves. We walked back to the dorms, and commenced studying. We have a final draft essay on Plato due Thursday, so I will commence studying. 4 days left!

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