Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Failure is Success If We Learn From It

Photos of the lobby of our dorm at 11:30 p.m. (Sorry it is a bit dark.)

Class began with our first in-class quiz where we had to match various brands with the management, franchise, and owning companies we learned about during yesterday’s presentations. Overall, the presentations were interesting enough so that I was paying attention to most things they said. Thus, I felt very confident in my knowledge of the subjects and it showed in my quiz score.

After the quiz, we had the opportunity to put our CHESS expense strategies to the test. We had all turned in a memo where we noted the changes we would be making to the hotel’s expenses in order to make it more profitable. Unfortunately, the changes I made regarding the expenses for my hotel did not make it more profitable. Instead my hotel was making less money than what my target was suppose to be. An upside to this is that I will have more information to analyze regarding what went wrong with the expenses I set in my CHESS individual report that we will be turning in at the end of the week. It will be interesting to be learning about the ins and outs of hotel profitability through trial and error.

Mark and Reneta stated that they were very pleased with our presentations but they also had some pointers they wanted to go over with us for future reference. They warned us not to look at the screen while we present and not to have all the information on the slide come in individually and THEN talk about it one by one. They also reminded us to be enthusiastic about our presentation.

When I got back to my dorm, I had a routine check-in with my RCA and she asked me questions to ensure that I was adjusting to Summer College. On a more serious note, all the ILC girls got requests to meet with the Summer College Judicial Officer tomorrow, to discuss our misdemeanor. Of course, our “misdemeanor” was getting into the car with Mrs. Kaplan, our chaperone, without handing in the forms early enough to clear this with the RCA’s. We have already been told the right way to notify the RCA’s for future reference, so I am confused as to why we have been summoned for a meeting. Furthermore, why were none of the boys summoned for a meeting?

Today, our assignment was to turn in our personal letter template and tomorrow we will be turning in our personal report templates. Tomorrow, Mark will be teaching us how to use Excel in the hotel industry. Now, I better finish my reading for tomorrow. Good night!

Fun Fact: A deer ran in front of me while I was walking back to my dorm after office hours today and it reminded me of Hercules when I use to see deer on our drive to elementary school in the morning.

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