Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh Cayuga!

Sleeping without a room was quite pleasing. There was no snoring and more space to relax for the night. For the first time I actually enjoyed a full eight hour sleep before waking up for another morning shower. With time before we met with Ms.Kaplan, I worked a little bit on my essay and watched a movie on Comedy Central in the common lounge.

We all met in the main lobby and left with Ms.Kaplan to Cayuga Lake, where we had an appointment to do some canoeing. It has been a few years since I did canoeing up in Canada with my relatives, but coming to Cayuga definitely was an equally entertaining experience. With our life vests strapped on our backs, Alex and I paddled around the stream that opened into the lake and admired the beautiful, tranquil scenery. There were ducks on the sides, lily pads sitting on the surface of the water, and other water enthusiasts such as kayakers. We had our occasional mistakes such as bumping with other people’s boats but it was thrilling to row in the water and let the canoe glide through the water like a car. Being able to actively use my arms and let my feet dangle into the cold waters was so invigorating. It was also definitely a beautiful day in which the sun shined and the breeze swept above the waters. Even though most of us have a lot to do today, the canoe trip was worth it and for me was the best part of our weekend.

We went back to the dorms in which I went back to working on my essay and went to officer hours with my TA Simon Gilhooley. He updated me on my progress and he said I’m doing very well in the class with an A- on my midterm. So that took a large burden off of me and it only encourages to work harder for the final exam. We went over different parts of my final paper that is due tomorrow and I went back to dorms to finish it up. As of now, I am still working on it and plan to stay in the common lounge for the duration of the night. Till tomorrow, Andrew is signing off.

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