Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Red Will Be Missed

The Freedom and Justice program has finally come to an end. Today, we all woke up with a great urgency to get this final exam out of our way. There was so much nervousness among us, especially on the magnitude of the exam. But when it came to the test, we all endured and for myself tried my best on it. Everything on the test was covered by Professor Kramnick and our special review session yesterday. I was extremely thankful for Simon Gilhooley who held that special session yesterday night because everyone mentioned different philosophical concepts that showed up on the final. It became less frustrating on the test as those concepts and quotes were familiarized and I was able to identify. Overall, I believe I did well and persisted on the writing and thinking process simultaneously.

After the exam, all of the Freedom and Justice members celebrated with the course finally over. We had to say goodbye to a few international students as their plane rides are today. After I went back to the room to begin packing for tomorrow’s departure, I followed the others to Ithaca Mall and went to watch the movie, “Inception,” which was indeed very entertaining. We made a few more new acquaintances and for me it was quite entertaining to relax on our final Friday.

We returned to catch the second half of the Talent Show, which starred Dyana So as the number one performer with her talented voice. Her performance deserved the honors of the night and I’m proud that an ILC member went up to perform on the behalf of the connection.

For the remainder of the late night, I plan to spend my hours hanging out before the graduation tomorrow and finish up packing for out evening departure. I will admit, despite it being only a three week program, that I have become attached not to only the course but to the few people including my RAs and classmates. I wish I may have had more time getting to know them right off the bat, but that is life. I will try my best to continue befriending people before my departure. Till then, Andrew Woo is signing off.


  1. Andrew,

    Yes, this is your blog and protocols say that my comments should revolve around the author but you wrote about another of Dyana’s talents. Sorry, Andrew, but that’s what we want to read more about.

    It’s great that you did well on the exam and that you liked the movie but maybe when you find some spare time between now and when your plane touches down you can sing the praises of your fellow ILC mate (pun intended).

  2. Well done and be proud of your accomplishment.