Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Day Full of Adventure

We had a super early wake-up call today, we drove for about 2 hours and visited Colgate University. It was actually, really, really nice. The drive was totally worth it, the school’s sort of in the middle of nowhere, our tour guide even admitted it, but he seems really happy and the school seems pretty calm and relaxing. I think I’m going to look into the school a little bit more and it’ll be one of the schools on my college applications list. Our tour guide was also from San Diego, California. I think this made everything a little more inviting because he knows the state we’re coming from, and he can really tell us first hand how the transition from west coast to east coast has been for him. He seems to have adapted perfectly, and he also studied abroad twice in the past year. It just sounds so amazing, traveling and going to school at the same time. That’s one of my major ones. It’ definitely something I’m going to do in college. During lunch, we discussed things about what we can do to for next year’s Ivy League Kids, and some of the advice we can give them. Right off the back, I’m giving them our course schedules. They need to know what’s coming and be super prepared for it all. They need a basic timeline more than anything so that they can know which week means what, and how they should be working on everything.

Anyways, after lunch we drove back home with a few stops along the way just to look a little flee market’s, or barn sales. We were really just curious to see what a barn sale was! We finally made it back on campus, and I went out to the Ithaca Mall with my friend Kelsey. We went to a couple of stores, we walked around so much! We took our time and relaxed. We took the bus back to campus and eventually decided to go to Karaoke.

After coming back to the dorms, again Kelsey and I hung out, relaxed with a couple of people and then checked in. We were going to order ice cream, but I’m too tired for anything now. I just want to go to sleep. Tomorrow, we’re going canoeing. Luckily, no early wake up call, we’re supposed to be leaving at 12:30pm. Hopefully, we’ll be back by 3:00pm like we’re supposed to be because I need to do my service learning project with my group! NO OFFICE HOURS TOMORROW! I feel so liberated! We’re back to work on Monday though, and it’s probably crunch time now because we have to put everything we learned together to make one final group project and presentation. How fun! I’m totally being sarcastic, it’s hard to tell. But, life lessons are only learned through actions, and we are learning so much.

It’s definitely time for me to go to sleep now, good night!

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