Monday, July 5, 2010

Je T'aime!

We finally presented today! It didn’t go bad at all, I was over thinking, as usual. In the end it all worked out, we came together and pulled it off. I was a little serious during my presentation, which is especially strange for me, but I think it’s over and we can finally relax, even if it’s just for a day.

Office hours were cancelled today. I was so happy, I had a feeling they were going to be cancelled though, because we were all so tired, sleep deprived, and we all sat through 19 presentations. It was a long, tough day.

After class we met up with Mrs. Kaplan at the Statler, my friend Louis sat there with me while I waited for everyone else. He taught me some French, hence Je T'aime! I like foreign languages, I wish I could pronounce them better though and I wish I could remember them! Anyways, Mrs. Kaplan drove us back to the dorms so that we could meet up with the freedom and justice group to talk about our weekend. It feels like we’re almost done, but we just started at the same time. I mean, we really only have one weekend left, but we also just had our first weekend.

Back in my dorm, I took a nap until Andrew and Chris came to get me for dinner. We ate and then went back to the dorms. I was reading, when out of nowhere I heard a strange buzzing noise. Fire Drill. With stairs as crowded as ours, coming downstairs from the fourth floor I think we would have burnt in the stairway. But, we didn’t even have to stand outside for very long, which was good, because it was HOT today. On top of hot it was HUMID.

Once we were back inside, we all came to the 6th floor to do work and study together. I read my summer assignment book, I have 10 pages left until I reach my daily goal. I really hope I can keep up with these daily goals. Then, we went over the hotels we learned about in the presentations and tried to remember all of them for our short quiz tomorrow.

12 days left.

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