Sunday, July 4, 2010

Everything Happens For a Reason

I woke up this morning feeling very well rested. After such an exciting day yesterday, I suppose that today’s much less hectic schedule was a nice change in pace. In retrospect, I realized I needed this time to wind down and relax before we start up again this week. At about 11 a.m. most of us ILCers gathered at Appel Commons for brunch, before we all went our separate ways. As office hours didn’t start until 6 p.m., I had a lot of time to kill. Therefore, not feeling the urge to go outside, I kept to myself in my dormitory and relaxed a bit before I headed out for dinner. During dinner, I sat with my new friend from my hotel class named Natalie. She is from San Diego and has a sister who attends Cornell. When I asked her why she chose to take the hotel management course at Cornell, she simply replied that she was attracted to the modern style of the Hotel School building and found the old buildings to be unappealing! I thought that was a funny way to pick a class.

I must admit, though I was not thrilled about spending my 4th of July evening in the Bin Lab (the hotel school’s computer lab) working on our company presentations, I realized that if we had gone in tomorrow without the feedback the TA’s provided, we would not be as prepared as we are now. I suppose this ties into the old saying “Everything happens for a reason.” Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy obviously knew what they were doing in terms of giving us all this extra help, especially considering that they had to give up their 4th of July evening as well. Overall, the practice presentations were very helpful. The TA that critiqued my group’s presentation gave us a lot of good pointers and I definitely feel more prepared than I had before office hours.

Tomorrow, I will certainly be shaking with fear, but for now, I will think good thoughts so that I can sleep easy tonight. Wish me luck!

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