Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

Another day of freedom as people all over America are enjoying their Independence Day. Ms.Kaplan has arranged with us plans today at 5:00 PM to leave out to the Erie Canal for Fourth of July and to come back roughly 1:00 AM of the next day. Unfortunately, the Hotel Management and Operations students would not be able to join us due to their office hours for an upcoming assignment for them. But there are already planned activities in anticipation of people staying here for the celebration. So we still have time to all participate in games together.

I had a good night sleep and woke up early in the morning to finish typing up my rough draft for our assignment due this coming Tuesday. I was joined by a few other students in the common lounge as I studied, and then we all watched television together. It seems that college life is becoming pretty internalized within all of us students participating in the program. I’m definitely used to waking up early and wandering around my floor. Why not use that time to meet some people, finish up some work, and watch television?

As we still have a few hours before we leave, I am sitting in the common lounge once again typing up my blog and hanging around with the other ILC guys watching video clips. We plan to later attend the Carnival which is supposed to be full of cotton candy and intramural activities similar to yesterday’s Field Day. I hope I can get in another game of ultimate Frisbee with the summer college kids as the weather continues to warm and get more welcoming.

So before I log off, I wish everyone back home to have a happy Fourth of July and enjoy the fireworks that will be going on around the bay. I’m sure all of us will be enjoying the view of our entertainment on the Erie Canal during the cruise tour.


  1. Andrew, Where was this picture taken?

  2. What's the dorm food like Andrew?

    -your sister- hannah

  3. you have the mind of an architect whether you want it or not -- who else would have seen the bunk beds?
    Ms. K

  4. The picture was taken in front of Balch Hall