Sunday, July 4, 2010

Erie Canal here we come...Hold that thought, Never Mind!

I now have topped my sleep record, I received a total of about 8 and half hours of sleep. Sleep felt so good, I woke up even more refreshed and elated than yesterday. I woke up around 10:30m A.M., and then headed to brunch. My roommate and I woke up a little later than the rest of our group, so we met them in the Appel dining hall. The food definitely wasn’t that good, Andrew and I, made weird combinations of food; it looked very disgusting, seriously what’s wrong with the food?
While we were eating I spilled milk all over myself, so I had to go back to my dorm room and change. Once I changed we all met in floor lounge, and commenced studying. We studied Plato in preparation for our essay, the earlier philosopher’s in preparation for any test, and finally John Locke in preparation for class on Tuesday.
After our studying Andrew, Alex, my roommate, and I went out on the front lawn to throw around the football. We played catch for about 20 minutes, but then it got a little too hot outside, so we came inside. We all just relaxed for a second, and then I went to go work on my Plato essay. After I felt accomplished for the day, Jacky, Alex, and I went to the Cornell Carnival. The carnival was pretty boring so we all left back to our dorms. While in Alex’s room, I figured out that within our ILC group, we have the world’s best interior designer. Andrew Woo with help from Alex and my roommate reconfigured Alex’s room to where it now looks like a king’s palace. Andrew figured out the beds in our dorms were bunk beds, and since Alex doesn’t have roommate they arranged the two beds into one bunk bed. Many alterations were made to the room, so it’s now fit for a summer college king.
Once all final changes to the room were made, we Kramnick kids left to meet Mrs. Kaplan, to head out for the Erie Canal. While on this two hour drive we saw two Amish families riding into town on carriages and horses. They looked very interesting especially since I’ve never seen a family like this in person before. Also on our ride to Lake Erie we saw a small fruit/vegetable stand that caught Mrs. Kaplan’s fancy. We pulled over and she bought some items, and even bought us a husk of corn. We arrived at a small local drive in diner, the diner was very old fashion, and so were their prices. I ordered a Phili Cheese Steak for $3.20. The food was delicious, and there original shakes were superb as well. I’m so glad I got to eat dinner there, rather than Appel.
We arrived in Rochester about 15 minutes early, but we saw no sign of our boat, we just thought maybe we were early. But we eventually called a crew member on the boat and they said the boat was already waiting for us and had now left. This was reminiscent of the situation in the airport; we were given false information and had a mix up. Everyone was pretty upset that we were going to miss Lake Erie and the fireworks. But we stayed near the loading dock and we had the best seats in the house for the firework show. These fireworks were incredible, clearly the best ones I’ve ever see. We were all amazed and just happy to see these magnificent fireworks. So missing Lake Erie didn’t turn out to be a bad thing.
We left the crowded Rochester docks, and headed back to the dorms, this was truly an incredible 4th of July. Hope everyone else had fun!
P.S. Have fun back at the dorms Hotelies, while we Kramnick kids enjoy the fireworks.

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  1. Hi Andrew G
    I like your firework pictures from Rochester.