Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kramnick's Penultimatum

Prof. K used the word penultimate a lot today. It really made me think about how little time we have left. Every time I think about this I miss Cornell even though I’m sitting in the heart of North Campus (or Central Campus depending on whether I’m in class or not). I have to try to squeeze as much fun as I can in around all the studying I need to do in preparation for Friday. I also still need to get the emails of as many of my new friends as possible. This is one of the only times I wish I had a Facebook account because that is how everyone is communicating and it would make things a lot simpler. I guess this just shows how life-influencing something as small as a website can be. I’m just hoping the next couple of the days crawl by.

Today we went back to our usual style of TA session. We simply answered questions about Marx. Our writing section was not actually used for a writing section though. Simon used it as an opportunity for us to make study guides for the final on Friday. My group got assigned Locke so we had a lot of digging to do to find the information we needed. We were one of the last groups to leave because we had to search for quotes in addition to any kind of reasoning we needed. The worst part about the quotes was that Locke does not go right out and say something; he buries it in a sea of confusing, run-on sentences and you have to try to find the smallest detail that will suffice for an answer. It was tough, but since it will help us study I’m okay with it.

I find myself typing in the marvelously air-conditioned lounge (or ACL for short) on the first floor. This may be one of my last times in this room so I have to cherish it while I can. This room is a sanctuary for a great many people, including the seven of us. Right after class, it is a place to study or just sit and concentrate in peace and quiet. As the night goes on though, it becomes the number one place to be in Mary Donlon Hall. This is definitely one of the places I will remember the most. I felt a dedication to this room was necessary before I end with my signature line: “I’m signing off.”

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  1. you could create a Facebook account in a nanosecond -- or about three minutes-