Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Buying the Full Version

FINALS ARE OVER! I have finally completed my first college course. If I wanted to make an iPod analogy, I would call these three weeks the “lite” version of a college experience. I am definitely “buying the full version.” In case this analogy went over your head, I can’t wait for college. I’m ready for the experience. I love every aspect of it. I couldn’t possibly be overstating this. I love dorm life, I love this style of class, I love the independence, and there is a whole lot more I could talk about but I have to actually talk about my day. Anyway, the main point of all of this is that I feel ready for college and I can’t wait for my next two years of high school to end.

Finals went well. We had to do three essays plus some short answer questions in two hours. I put way too much time into the first two essays and had to cut the third one a little bit short. The short answers were really easy though, so that was good. I was so relieved to be finished though. I walked out of the classroom and sighed a huge sigh of relief. I was so happy the work was finally over and that it was out of my hands. The weight of the class has been lifted from my shoulders and I can continue my summer as it was truly meant to be… that actually isn’t a good thing… I’ve said it enough already, but I would gladly stay another three weeks.

After finals, Dyana, the Andrews, Beilul and I ate lunch with Ms. Kaplan to discuss the test. We ate, went to get ice cream and headed down to Uris Library. It wasn’t as quiet yesterday, but I think that was just because there were two people whispering. Like I said, you could hear a pin hit the carpet if you really tried. We left the library and went to the Cornell store again. We ran into Jeff, Phoebe, Emily and… um… someone’s name I can’t exactly remember… but that isn’t the point. I saw them and wound up going to a second lunch (even though I didn’t order anything). I sat with them for an hour and we just spoke. Then I got the call…

Chris called me and told me they were going to the mall to go see a movie. I asked if they would wait for me (and thankfully they did). We went to see Inception and let me tell you, it was a great way to finish the day. We went with the Andrews, Alison and a few of her friends. I actually wasn’t too excited to see this movie because of Leonardo DeCaprio, but it was an excellent film. Like I said, it was an excellent finale for the day.

And now, here I am again. This will be my last blog on the Cornell campus and it makes me extremely reminiscent of my first blogs here. I plan to re-read them later and see if I’ve changed. I’m hoping I have because if I haven’t grown at all, that would be pretty depressing. I think I have grown a lot though. I had to type this in a hurry because I want to make sure I make it to Dyana’s performance in the talent show. We are actually about to leave, so I’ll end here.

Good bye Cornell; I’m signing off.

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