Saturday, July 3, 2010

2400 seconds in a freezer

I got the most sleep last night, than I’ve had since my time at Cornell. I enjoyed about nine hours of sleep! It was an incredible feeling waking up this morning feeling refreshed, enlightened, and elated. I was very excited to go to the beautiful Lake Cayuga. All the ILC members headed down from our dorms to the Statler Hotel, to meet our chaperon Mrs. Kaplan. We jumped in the car, and we began driving to Lake Cayuga. The drive was very painless, it took about 10 minutes to arrive there. We got on the boat and in about 15 minutes we took off. The boat ride was very smooth, and beautiful. We saw a lot of people kayaking, swimming, and doing other various water activities. I enjoyed my first cruise, I had a delicious ham and cheese omelet, with potatoes, and this was a huge upgrade from the Appel breakfast. The boat ride was about 2 and half hours, but the ride was pretty interesting.
After we left the lake, we dropped off Chris and Andrew at their dorm rooms, and we remaining ILC students went to the famous Ithaca Farmer’s Market. We enjoyed nice cool ice cream in the 90 degree weather; we had freshly squeezed juice, and just enjoyed ourselves together. The Ithaca Farmer’s market was very different than the Farmer’s market I’m used to at home. There was nearly no fruit; actually I don’t recall one fruit vendor. After the Farmer’s Market we left to a state park to go swimming. The pool water was EXTREMLEY cold, the advertised temperature was 57 degrees Fahrenheit, but it felt like 30 degrees to me. We swam for about 40 minutes and the water was cold every 2400 seconds of them! There was an extremely interesting waterfall, and that water was really warm, and felt extremely good.
After the swimming we came back to our dorms, showered, got dressed and ate at Appel for an interesting dinner. It wasn’t too bad; I just seems that the food and my taste buds don’t get along well. We tried to go bowling after dinner, but it was closed, so like the responsible students we are, we all went to go and study! I can’t wait for tomorrow, Fourth of July, and Erie Canal, I really want to see the fireworks off the boat!

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