Friday, July 2, 2010

End of Days

The end of our first week at Cornell Summer program is coming to an end. I must admit it has been an opportunity that has been extremely satisfying to take part of during this summer. Being able to stay on the east coast has been enlightening for all of us to embrace the different cultures as well as see the similarities between here and the west coast. We meet people from different places around our country, mostly kids form New Jersey and New York. Last night we had an important meeting about having mutual respect for all people on campus. The Judicial Officer placed great emphasis on not only exercising tolerance around our dormitories but areas including the overall learning atmosphere. One thing that I always love in a learning environment is people stepping outside the academic sphere to realize the connection with other people and trying to find ways to work with them. Even though it’s hard to try to bond with everyone, just simply meeting some people and working with them is still a great feeling.

Kramnick began the class not lecturing but talking about the different events and activities to do at Cornell. He mentioned very basic stuff such as going to independent movie theaters, attending jazz concerts, and visiting national parks around the university. He continued on with his second part of the Plato lecture in which we completed the reading on the idea of the wisest ruling in society. Plato brings up different analogies such as sailors and a captain trying to steer a ship to one of his more famous which is the Allegory of the Cave. Our teacher assistant did a fantastic job of expanding the ideas Kramnick brings up about the common people being too attached to appearance compared to reality, and let us visually see diagrams for learning purposes. Everything else is pretty much as same as usual.

After class, Ms.Kaplan took all of us out to get some supplies at Target. For the first time in my life, I am sort of happy and appreciative of going there. The funny thing is that in the end the only things I bought was two chicken pot pies. We returned back from the trip and got our Cornell sweatshirts.

At this point, I am finishing up my blog and about to head out for some football. Till then, see you as we all begin our vacation to Cayuga Lake during the weekend and embrace more fun in the future.

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  1. Isn't it nice you have some fun time even going to Target? All the familiar items in the store might give you some comfort like golden arch when you are on the road. Time flies fast, so try to explore Cornell as much as possible. Have fun outings on weekend, love.