Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ivy league, Unite!

I was even more tired today than yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to get more sleep tonight. I finally understand the great value of sleep. No matter how hard you work it will catch up with you. Time management is one of the most, if not the most important thing to learn in college, as told by many experts. I am glad I’m getting this college experience early on, so that when I get to college, it won’t be such a shock. College culture is very different from high school, and that’s why this experience is so valuable.
The same routine from yesterday followed today. I got up fairly early enjoyed some fruit, cereal, and a pastry. The Hotel Management students left early, rushing out with not one second to say “hi,” or even “bye.” But we would eventually have time to spend with them later on the day, I will tell you all more about that in my subsequent paragraphs.
We arrived to the lecture hall even earlier than yesterday and therefore we were able to sit a closer to the front. Sitting closer to the front of the room allows me to be more attentive to lecture, therefore getting more out of my learning experience. The lecture was very interesting because one we discussed Plato, and two our lovely Chaperone Mrs. Kaplan gave us a visit in class. Mrs. Kaplan came to sit in on our interesting Plato lecture, and also to remind us to meet her in the lobby of the Statler Hotel at 4 P.M. The lecture basically covered the history of ancient Greece, and its city states called Polis’. Inside these city states they had citizens participate in a democracy. For example Athens the largest polis, with about 300,000 people, only had about 100,000 citizens. Also we discussed Plato’s findings that a just person and community are virtually the same, if it’s just then everyone knows their place, and does what they are best at, in order to provide harmony for community.

After our morning lecture we had another afternoon lecture because our guest speaker couldn’t make it do to the death of one of his family members. Prof. K. extended and expanded upon his lecture from yesterday pertaining to Aquinas. We all headed later at 4 P.M. to meet Mrs. Kaplan to take pictures, and get permission slips to go on any other field trips, and tours we will be going on in the next couple of weeks. This was a great opportunity for the Kramnick kids, and Hotellies to spend more time together. We all headed to College Town to get a variety of foods; pizza, Chinese food, AND pita’s. This was very delicious, especially considering what we were supposed to eat at the “magnificent Appel.”
I had a really fun spending time with the whole group again. I can’t wait for another crossing of our paths. I’m very tired, and have to commence on writing my “what is freedom” essay, any comments, feedback, or interest, let me know please, and thank you.

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  1. So, what is freedom? Is it choice? Is it mental or physical? Is it possible for all or just some? Is it the same for all people? Just thought that I might be able to further confuse the issues-
    as ever, Ms. K