Thursday, July 1, 2010

Adventure Gone Wrong

After class today we went to the Statler Hotel Lobby to meet up with Mrs. Kaplan so that we could talk to her about our schedules and the weekend. Freedom and Justice kids have much more free time than we do, I think they’re going to the Erie Canal on Sunday, but we have mandatory office hours on Sunday from 6-9pm and a presentation Monday morning. We definitely won’t be doing anything besides work on Sunday, lucky us. Anyways, after the hotel she wanted to take pictures of us actually at Cornell, I guess we somehow didn’t do this when we first got here and with all the commotion we hadn’t even thought about it. After pictures we were talking about dinner and office hours, and I really didn’t want to go to dinner and I wanted to go to office hours early, so Beilu suggested we go to College Town. I thought sure, there’s nothing out there I went last night for Starbucks, but they wanted to go so we went, but my head isn’t functioning well and we went the wrong way.

We walked for a good twenty minutes before I actually realized we had made a wrong turn and we had to go back to the Statler Hotel area. Everyone was pretty upset with me and it probably didn’t help that I was laughing about it the whole time. I thought it was funny. It’s the funniest thing that’s happened to me all week! We ended up making it to College Town just fine. It’s really only like a 7 minute walk from the front of the Statler Hotel, the problem was we were behind the Statler Hotel and the streets didn’t end up merging the way I thought they would. It was funny! Plus I really missed hanging out with the group, we never have any time.

To touch briefly on our class, we’re dying! Okay, well no, we’re not dying, we’re still pretty much alive, but we’re learning so much so fast! Mrs. Kaplan knows, she visited our computer lab today while we were learning more Microsoft and Powerpoint. On top of everything we’re learning, we have assignments and MANDATORY office hours and a group presentation due on Monday. Expectations are high and we have to exceed them. That means lots and lots of hard work.

I’m exhausted mentally from class and physically from our little adventure gone wrong. I’m going to bed early, I’ll worry about our project tomorrow. Tonight, it’s time for sleep and rest. We don’t have class until 9am tomorrow! I can get a little more sleep. That’s going to make me a very happy child.

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