Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memos and Meetings

I wake up every morning with an odd exhausted sensation. I am awakened out of my slumber by my roommate’s alarm and I quickly rush downstairs to the lobby where I meet Jacky and Chris and the three of us head out to breakfast. Just as we are finishing our meals, the Freedom and Justice crew arrive. We greet them but then rush off to begin our 20 minute walk to class.

Today’s class consisted of a very interesting Powerpoint tutorial, an overview of our memo assignment that is due tomorrow, and a guest lecture titled “How to Write a Memo”. One thing I learned today is that business people, especially executives, do not read all the emails they receive. So far in class we have identified the major players of the hotel industry, learned how to make a memo template, and a letter template, and how to navigate Microsoft Word and Powerpoint in a much more sophisticated manner than I had ever been aware was possible.

Following class, the hotelies found a (secret) passageway that connected the hotel school and the Statler hotel. All seven of the ILC Cornellians met with Ms. Kaplan at the lobby of the Statler to discuss our plans for the following weeks. Some of the things we have to look forward to are our tour of Colgate University, and Wells College, as well as our brunch cruise on a local Ithaca lake and possibly the Erie Canal. Unfortunately, the hotelies have much more limited options regarding our leisure activities because of the massive amounts of time our class takes up.

After our meeting Andrew, Alex, Jacky, Andrew, Chris and I decided to broaden our Ithacan horizon and look for an alternative dining option. We decided to walk to Collegetown, which is about 5 minutes away from the hotel, but we ended getting lost so it took about twice as long to get there. Collegetown was incredibly disappointing but we all found some great dining options. It was a great way to blow off steam and have some fun, and soon after, the hotelies headed back to the hotel school for our Office Hours.

Shots of us at Collegetown:

The scenic Cornell campus:

I learn so many new things each day, and I love the stimulating environment of Cornell Summer College. We are almost done with our first week of college and it feels great.


  1. Sounds like a very busy adventure everyday! I hope you are getting a good nights sleep every night! I really like the pictures, and I wish I could be there with you! Can you see yourself being a student at Cornell?

  2. I want you to teach others how to navigate those templates -- and merges. This class is teaching so many practical applications.
    Also, I am happy to hear that you also got lost ---- thought that was just Ms. K.