Friday, July 2, 2010

Our CHESS Memo Assignment

Wow. It's already Thursday, and there is one more day to go until the week is over. But either way, there is no break from work. It has become a rule, and quite a fun one might I add, that we start class by having a group come down and each member tell "2 truths and a lie" about himself/herself. Then, another group, after listening in the crowd to what they said, has to pick someone and repeat what they said, and find out the lie. We have had very interesting truths about people, like a person who had dinner with Hugh Grant and a girl who knows the director of "Grown Ups."

Afterward we sat down and discussed the Guest Cycle. This cycle encompasses every move of the guest, specifically from pre-arrival, which is taken care by reservations, arrival, taken care by registration, occupancy, taken care by occupancy services, and finally, departure, which follows check out and history. Reneta also told us something very interesting today in business: That 80% of revenue comes from 20% of customers.

Today, we actually lost 30 minutes of lunch time for a guest speaker who talked to us about business memos, which is due tomorrow.

It has become routine to have Reneta lecture us in the class and then proceed to the Bin Lab, where Mark "messes around" with a new software. We continued microsoft office, but also explored PowerPoint Presentation. To think that I thought that I knew something about it. Mark shows us all these cool functionalities and templates we can use in every program.

But, of course, with every assignment, we must follow his guidelines and have the format just perfect, with the margins, indents, and paragraph spacing all perfect, while Reneta checks for content. This is quite an efficient combination though.

The business memo was a hassle to work on. I am still working on it and it is 3:17 AM, but that's just because I don't think it is good enough or that I explain everything well. I must continue!

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