Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nothing Like Freedom

A Saturday is never different from any other Saturday around this country during school time. Like a Saturday, I had plenty of hours of sleep and I woke up bright and refreshed. The night before was filled with bowling action in which Chris Habash seriously is a bowling prodigy. From the first few gutter balls, he ended up nailing strikes and spares endlessly. Among all of the players, I was erratic in my play and backed off when the ball was slowly curving into the gutter. But all in all, the bowling experience was fun and uplifting in spirit.

The entire ILC group met with Ms.Kaplan so she can take us to the Cayuga Lake Cruise Tour. We boarded the small cruise and enjoyed a small brunch meal on top of the deck . The view reminded of Lake Tahoe and had a unique feel of rural countryside where people are relaxing in the shallow waters and sailboats maneuvering around. I sat there, shuffling my humongous scrambled eggs and grilled potatoes, watching houses on the lake shore slowly pass by. There were plenty of others in their small kayaks rowing their way and we also saw two dragon boats with elderly rowing themselves in a speedy fashion. I would like to thank Ms.Kaplan for organizing this event as it gives us all time to leave the campus and spend time resting our brains from work.

For me, I had plans tonight to watch the movie “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” as I am admittedly a fan of watching movies and judging it myself. The Freedom and Justice students do have a lot of assignments such as writing a rough draft for an essay, review Locke’s Second Treatise which is quite thick, and a few others. In my mind, I considered since tomorrow we plan to do another event with Ms.Kaplan that I should stay at the dormitory and begin working, then later go compensate my leisure with a movie. So I stayed at the dormitory instead of go swimming and met up with Andrew’s roommate Jordan to study.

After we did our studies, we took a break with some intense recreational activities as part of Cornell Field Day. We went out to meet up with our RCA Andrew from Wisconsin, a coming sophomore at Cornell, and played some ultimate Frisbee with other challenging college students. I love going against bigger people and it was fun getting pumped for the game. The game was intense, the heat scorching, my naked back drizzling with sweat. Our entire team led by a few college students against the opponents which was comprised of all collegians was no match. I was happy that I was the only who scored the two points against the other college students who left us in the dust with six points against our measly two. But I had a chance to meet some other students at our summer program, and also real college students. Nothing better than a good old game of Frisbee to make new friends outside of ILC.

I hope to write more about our future trip with Ms.Kaplan for Fourth of July and continue making new friends here. For all those back home, have a happy
Independence Day.

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