Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Day Through Pictures

Day 10/Ca(you)ga and me

Walking to our Cayuga Lake Boat Cruise early this Saturday morning.

View from the cruise!

Cornell ILC students share a smile before departure.

Perfect weather for kayakers!

Alex Elms look outside the beautiful waters of one of Ithaca's famous finger lakes, Cayuga!

Breakfast lasagna anyone?

Better than Appels? Alex Elms dine on his breakfast omelet on the cruise.

Shrimp salad for Jacky!

End of our trip, good-bye Cayuga Lake!

Lilly pads outside the Ithaca Farmer's Market.

Welcome to the wonderful Ithaca Farmer's Market!

Alex Elms take pictures in a pottery stall at the market.

Alex and Beilul look around the market place.

Andrew Gonzales and Jacky Lares stroll through the market.

Alex meets a new little friend at the market.

We can see the cruise boats from this dock here!

Jacky poses in front of the Ithaca Farmer's Market.

Beilul sits under a nice shady tree in this hot Ithaca weather. She cools off with lemonade.

"Welcome to Robert Treman State Park!" Alex is ready to swim in their lake!

Alex is very excited. Time to go swimming!

Andrew and Jacky set out for the water!

More lake visitors.

Alex and Beilul have fun in the 57 degree lake.

There's a lot of people out swimming this Saturday!

"This water's freezing!" Andrew grumbles as he kicks the cool water.

Diving Board!

Historical site: the Clinton House

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  1. Great photojournalism. The only piece missing is you!
    Ms. K